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As most of you were aware, in June I spent over a week in Grand Rapids Michigan at Calvin College attending Synod. Some of you, however, may not know what Synod is exactly. Synod is the annual meeting of the Christian Reformed Church as a denomination. Every year Synod meets in June, usually in Grand Rapids. As a local church, we belong to a classis, (a regional body of churches), we belong to Classis Alberta South and Saskatchewan. Classis meets twice a year, and at one of those meetings, they

            This week we come to a discipline that some might not see as something that we need to be disciplined about. It is the discipline of celebration. When we talk about celebration, we are talking about the fact that we celebrate all that God has done for us and in us. As we do this, we

            Have you ever heard of the Spiritual Discipline of Guidance? Well, if you haven’t, that makes two of us. As I was studying this week, I was curious about what Richard Foster meant by the Discipline of Guidance. Even after I read his chapter on it, I was still a bit foggy as to exactly

          When it comes to worship, there are many different styles and flavors and types of worship. Everyone has their own “favorite” style and type of worship. And, believe it or not, there is no real “right” way to worship. Even myself, I have my own preferred “style” of worship that I prefer

Have you ever read something and thought to yourself: “What in the world does that mean?” Well, you might feel that way by reading the title of this particular blog. What do I mean by “Corporate Confession?” Corporate confession simply means confession with a group of people. What does this look

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